I first joined 'Players' in November 2018, after responding to a call for an open audition for their upcoming production of 'Grease'. I had heard such great things about the company and had put off getting involved earlier due to fear and anxiety... but I soon found I had no reason to worry. The company is the perfect mix of professional yet welcoming and I soon felt part of the family.
It was because of this supportive environment that my confidence grew, and I decided to take the plunge and audition for the part of Jesus in their next production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. It was a role I would never had imagined myself being considered for in the past, so I was surprised and elated to be given the role, as well as a bit scared....these were big shoes to fill!
From the moment we started rehearsals I knew we had something special. The entire company were so committed to the vision. Everyone was so supportive of one another, and it was clear we were all having the time of our lives. The creative team were incredibly supportive as well, pushing me always to be better and believe in myself in my times of self-doubt (which I tend to get a lot!)
A highlight for me during rehearsals was getting the opportunity to perform at Victorious Festival. Another was a one to one rehearsal with the Director and MD where we has the opportunity and time to really work on  'Gethsemane'. In a busy rehearsal schedule, it was great to have some space to work with them to get the best results. 
Show week came .... and it was one of the best weeks of my life. From hearing the full band for the first time, to setting foot on the phenomenal stage at The Kings Theatre again and getting a close bond with my very first wig!  Perhaps my least favourite thing was the pain of being harnessed in for the first time during tech rehearsal. I quickly learnt that appropriate safety clothing was needed!
To be nominated for the NODA awards for the best production and best amateur actor was such a huge achievement for me. I had never been considered for awards before and it all felt very showbiz! And to win in both categories was just a huge shock!!   I am immensely proud of what we all created. I am so very grateful for the opportunities Portsmouth Players have given me, and I urge anyone who is considering it to come along to the next new members auditions. You will find a company with professionalism, fantastic resources, and probably most importantly, a great bunch of diverse theatre lovers who you can call your friends. 
Charlie Frame