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Join us for ‘Miscast’, where we will explore musical theatre roles our actors would never get cast in, for characters of different genders or ages, and sprinkled with some role-reversed love duets. 


We're ripping up the casting director's rule book for our exciting new spring production.  In the world of theatre, many actors wish they could alternative roles but can’t because they are the wrong gender, they are either too old or too young or the wrong ethnicity - Miscast puts all that to one side so, think Chicago's Cell Block Tango performed by six men, or Matilda's Revolting Children all of whom played by actors that are, shall we say, somewhat older than children (!), or maybe Summer Nights from Grease, but with male Pink Ladies and female T-Birds!  The variations are endless...

Octaves change, genders switch, and fun follows! This is definitely an evening out that you wouldn't expect with the Portsmouth Players, as we completely Miscast!

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